Comprehensive Exams at The Dentists on Bluemound

Comprehensive Exams at The Dentists on Bluemound


When it comes to your health, your dentist is one of the first resources in your line of defense against disease and health concerns. Whether you realize it or not, your mouth shows signs of major health concerns that affect your whole body—not always dental issues. The team at The Dentists on Bluemound will keep an eye out for large problems and address them as soon as possible. This includes oral cancer, gum disease, and the diseases that could develop from advanced gum disease. Let’s explore what one of our dental experts could run into during your next dental checkup.

Gum Disease

Many patients don’t realize they could have been taking action to prevent gum disease by regularly visiting their dentist. During your appointment, you will receive a thorough cleaning that dramatically reduces the chances of developing gum disease. Your dentist and or hygienist may notice these symptoms if your mouth is becoming infected with gum disease.

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Tender gums
  • Bleeding when brushing or flossing
  • Buildup of pus between gums
  • Loose fitting teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Pockets of infection along your gum line
  • Chronic bad breath

Chronic Diseases Catalyzed by Gum Disease

It’s no secret—your mouth and the rest of your body have an intimate connection. In fact, if you don’t regularly and properly remove dental plaque and bacteria, your overall health could suffer. Healthy gums and teeth keep your body equally strong. When gums deteriorate from advanced gum disease, your body tries to protect itself with inflammation, leaving your bloodstream susceptible to dental plaque buildup. You could experience strokes, heart disease, kidney disease, and develop diabetes.



Oral Cancer

The signs of oral cancer can be hard to notice to the untrained eye, but our dental professionals will be able to look for these symptoms during a dental exam:

  • A sore that will not heal or bleeds profusely.
  • A lump in the hard or soft tissues of your mouth.
  • Change in oral tissue color.
  • Numbness or pain in areas around the mouth.
  • Difficulty swallowing, talking, earing, or moving the jaw or tongue.

It’s important to seek treatment for oral cancer during its preliminary stages. The chances of surviving oral cancer is nearly doubled if treated early on.


The team at The Dentists on Bluemound is here to help!

When you make a visit to our office for a general dentistry appointment, our dentists always perform a comprehensive exam and review the information when it’s completed. No matter what issues we notice—or even if we don’t come across anything concerning at all—we will always keep open communication with you. At the end of the day, we want to work side by side with you—and even your physician if your health calls for it—to prevent advanced dental and overall health issues.